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Numerology is a unique source of wisdom, insight, and guidance. It's like a roadmap to self-understanding and personal growth based on your personal numerology blueprint. As the passionate numerologist behind Glynis Has Your Number, I want to help people identify their Life Path Numbers, Attitude Numbers, and Master Numbers by sharing the secret of how to calculate them.


How to Calculate Your Life Path Number


To find out what your single-digit Life Path Number is for a numerology reading session, you need to break down your complete birthday into single digits and add those numbers. Then, break down the sum digits of your full birthday and add those numbers again until you reduce them to a single digit.

For example, Tom Cruise was born on July 3, 1962. In numerical form, his full birthday appears as 7-3-1962. Breaking down his birthday numbers until they are reduced to a single digit looks like this:


There, 1 is Tom Cruise's Life Path Number.

Why Breaking Down Your Birthday Numbers Is Needed


Basic numbers in numerology only go from 1 through 9. That is why Life Path Numbers, the most significant element in your personal numerology blueprint, are single digits. Breaking down your full birth date and adding those digits allows you to uncover your Life Path Number for a numerology reading. Knowing your Life Path Number also makes it easier for you to find the affirmations, advice, and guidance specific to your Life Path Number.


If your full birth date is reduced to a Master Number of 11, 22, or 33, please refer to the definition of personal qualities for Life Path Number 2, 4, or 6, respectively.

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ONES have a strong desire to be # 1.They are independent, self motivated, and hard working. They are critical of themselves and as a result, can be critical of others. When the 1 Life Path has won a personal victory, they radiate with pure joy. Multitasking is something they tend to be very good at, and keeping busy is very important to them. The 1s will not tolerate laziness from the people they spend their time with. Exercise is a must for the 1 Life Path- it helps them to get out their heads and actually relax for a moment, before moving right on to the next project!

TWOS want peace. They make good mediators. They are very loyal, and when they say that they love you,count on it!They welcome companionship and the chance to share their lives with someone special. The flip side is that if they feel threatened or pushed to the wall, they become the terrible 2s. Usually though, they will do everything they can to avoid conflict.

THREES communicate in all areas: You will find them as Writers, radio broadcasters, actors, singers, performers, counselors etc..They are natural comedians, but if they do not use their creative energy, they can feel manic and unhappy. They tend to exaggerate the truth because it makes for a better story! The 3s are known for their trademark smiles, bright eyes and pleasing voices.

FOURS seek security. Home is their haven. They are often intensely cerebral and need to find ways to calm their minds. They should avoid the tendency to overthink everything, otherwise great ideas live and die in their heads, and nothing actually gets done. The 4s like to be organized and to put things back in their "proper place". If their home environment appears sloppy and unkempt , that is a sign that the 4 Life Path person is not doing well.

FIVES seek freedom, fun, adventure. If they do not live the adventure, their lives can become way too dramatic. They are the natural detectives and celebrators of life ( holidays are usually one of their favorite times of the year). 5s have a hard time settling down and have a fear of being trapped or smothered in a relationship. So if you are involved with a 5, give them plenty of space!

SIXES are nurturers. If men, they rescue damsels in distress. If women, they mother the "little boy" in their men. They should manage or run the company. If everything is going smoothly, they must be careful not to ruin it. They tend to put people on pedestals which inevitably topple. They are magnetic, and people are drawn to them. Their moods affect the room.

SEVENS are another cerebral number. They do not want you to know exactly who they are, and need their privacy. If you earn their trust, they will confide in you, but don't bother prying, because it will get you nowhere! They are loners who seek truth and need to have a strong faith base that they can really embrace. If they do not have faith, they may become cynical and some will actually escape through drugs, alcohol, work, geography etc.. They have a love of natural beauty: ocean, green grass, plants, flowers, etc. Being surrounded by nature gives them a strong sense of peace.

EIGHTS do not feel safe unless they have found a way to establish financial security. It is difficult for the 8s to take advice. When they make a choice, they must feel it is their decision, NOT SOMEONE ELSES. As a result, they do tend to learn the hard way. 8s are very honest and by being too blunt, they unintentionally hurt other's feelings. Although they can sometimes appear insensitive, what is going on inside them is the exact opposite. They do feel deeply about everything that goes on in their lives.

NINES are the natural leaders. People often think they are in charge even if they are not. When in a store, people will often assume that they work there and will ask for help! They take care of everyone else, but need to learn to speak up when they need help, love, and hugs. The 9s often feel unloved or abandoned by their mother or father, or they feel completely responsible for them. It's hard for them to let go of the past, and it is something they need to work on in this lifetime.

Special Note:

If these short descriptions do not sound like you, then it is important for you to realize that there are three Numbers that come from your name, and three Numbers that come from your birth date. Those six Numbers make up your Numerology Blueprint. Each one of the six Numbers helps to interpret WHO YOU REALLY ARE! The science of Numerology is 2500 years old. It is no accident that when I do a live reading, I Do Not Miss! The good news is that you can learn how to do it too. :)

Welcome to the wonderful world of Glynis Has Your're gonna love it!

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How to find your Attitude Number:

If you just read the description of the Life Path Number for an individual that you want to understand better, and it explained a part of their personality, but you want to know more, then you should also take a look at their Attitude Number (add month and Birth-Day together and reduce to one digit). When the Attitude Number is a Challenge to the Life Path Number, reading both descriptions will give you more insights.

Let's talk a little bit more about the Attitude Number. How to get it is to add the month and the day together and break that number down to one digit.

For instance, for someone born on September 17th:

9 + 1 + 7 = 17 = 1 + 7 = 8

8 is the Attitude Number of a person born 9 - 17.

Let's look again at our example: Tom Cruise. All you need to do is to add the month and day from his birth date (7-3-1962) 7+3 =10= 1 +0 = 1. That means Tom's Attitude Number is a 1. Being the winner is all-important. He doesn't need others to make it happen; he is very driven. There is a bully in his head repeating, "What's next?" pushing him to go on to the next project. Because his Life Path is also a 1, it means Tom's Attitude is compatible with his Life Path, and perhaps that is why he's been so successful.

The Attitude Number is what people first experience when they meet someone. IF a person's Attitude Number is completely different than their Life Path Number, it will cause some confusion and make it difficult to understand exactly where that person is coming from.

One client called me because she was very confused about the man she was seeing. He was born on August 6. 1961. She said he was very flirtatious and sweet at first but as they started dating he was much more serious and very different from what she thought he was. Well, let's look at his Attitude Number.

Note: If the month and day you were born reduces down to 11,22,or 33, read the definitions of the 2 Attitude, the 4 Attitude, or the 6 Attitude respectively.

The 1 Attitude: This is someone who doesn't like to ask for help. They are completely self-motivated. They usually have issues with their self- esteem: they just don't think they're good enough. That's why they need praise from others. If you believe in them, then there's nothing they can't achieve; if you don't, they rebel.

The 2 Attitude is easy going. They are very good observers. They're also drawn to anything regarding psychic ability, and often may experience deja vu. It is not uncommon for them to have a dream that comes true. They are in touch with their intuition and the metaphysical side of life. They do have compassion for people and are fascinated with people's stories. They feel things deeply and must be careful not to become overly sensitive.

The 3 Attitude tends to have a strong sense of humor and is charismatic. You might see here The Peter Pan Syndrome because they don't necessarily want to grow up. When they're in a good mood, it's a big smile, bright eyes, and great conversation. If they're in a bad mood, you don't get to be happy around them either. They have that effect on people. But if they listen to the right music, or watch a funny movie, they are able to snap right out of it!

The 4 Attitude are often list keepers. They can be very quiet; you don't know what they're thinking. They're keeping track of all that's happening. They like to be surrounded by nature, and you may find them doing some form of repair, or construction. The 4 Attitude teaches all of us-they become an expert at their skill and show us how to do it. They definitely will play devil's advocate: they make you see all sides. They do not like to be caught off guard, so when they do speak, they usually have the proof they need to support what they are saying.

The 5 Attitude can be playful and fun. Here are examples of some of my clients: One of them sent me a picture of herself sitting on an elephant in Sri Lanka. Another sent me photos of her on a raft in the Grand Canyon, and at the top of the Eiffel Tower. See how they need to go out and experience the world? It is good for them to stay busy, because if they get stuck in a situation they don't like, they will subconsciously feel the need to create some drama, or they could end up playing the martyr. So better a 5 get out there and play! If they don't travel, they devour stimulating books loaded with adventure, and their imagination makes them a part of the action! They can be flirtatious, and are often the life of the party.

The 6 Attitude is the nurturer. Male or female, they are taking care of everybody else. So if you have a child with a 6 Attitude, he or she acts as though they are your mother or father. They think they are the ones in charge, and don't want you telling them what to do or how to be. The adult 6 feels most useful when things are out of control and they are fixing it. If it's peaceful, they don't know what to do with themselves. They definitely take care of other people and they're usually great with children or running a business. When a 6 walks in a room, we are drawn to them like moths to the flame.

The 7 Attitude. You don't get to know what they're thinking or feeling. They keep to themselves and are introspective. They must continue studying the questions of why they are here: The 7 Attitude asks the big questions. They will reveal themselves slowly as you get to know them. They can shut down and make you feel they are not remotely interested in what you are saying, but the joke's on you because they are the ultimate observers and hear everything you say- They don't miss a thing.

The 8 Attitude, When I see an 8 Attitude, they quite often are reading an article on investing, or brainstorming on their cell phone on how to make some money, and establish financial security. They care about appearance, and appreciate it when others makes an effort to look good. If they have family, then they want to be good providers. The flipside of the 8 Attitude is that money can seem completely unattainable, and slip right through their fingers. The 8 Attitude has no problem telling you what they really think. They can be a little harsh, so it is best for them to find their sense of humor and focus on the positive things in life!

The 9 Attitude: The 9 is often the leader, whether they want to be or not! At work they'll not just do their job, but everyone else's too. That's the Attitude Number 9: show me what to do, and I will get it done. When it's over, they're exhausted and drained, but rarely allow them selves to tell the people responsible. They need to establish boundaries so they do not feel used and depleted by the people in their lives. The 9 Attitude Number may have old family pain that haunts them, and the 9 must work through these emotions in order to be happy.

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the master numbers

If you do have the Master Number 11, 22, or 33 as your Life Path (or if you were born on the 11th or the 22nd), you need to know that you will always have incredibly high standards, and one of your lessons is to stop and acknowledge what you have accomplished, instead of always saying, "What’s next? What else should I be doing?" Before you know it, your life is over, and you feel like you never got where you "thought" you were going.

The Master Number is a high frequency vibration, and living in that vibration all the time can cause stress, anxiety, and even panic attacks. When that happens, I suggest you study and embrace the regular frequency vibration of your Master Number which would be the single digit number Ex: 11/2, 22/4 and 33/6.

NOTE: Once a Master Number, ALWAYS a Master Number, and that never changes. However when you want to take a mental break from the high frequency vibration,I strongly recommend yoga and meditation to bring you back to your center.

Something fascinating about the Master Number 33:
If you have my books, you know I do cover the Master Number 11 and the Master Number 22 in my book Glynis has Your Number, and I also cover the Master Number 33 in my book Love By the Numbers . I have always been aware that the Master Number 33 is considered the Master communicator and Teacher, and that it is a rare Vibration.

Hans Decoz, a well-known and respected Numerologist, shared some Numerology Insights about the Master Number 33 that made perfect sense to me. He explained that in order to be a Master Number 33, the Master Number 11 and the Master Number 22 must be a part of the Master Number 33 birth date. Most Numerology books do cover the Master Number 11 and Master Number 22, but not the Master Number 33. So I was very intrigued with what he had to say.

Here is the Numerology formula to find out if a person is an actual Master Number 33:
"A 33 Master Number Life Path happens when each of the units of the birth date (month/year/day) add to 11. Or when the year adds to 22 (in the 20th century there are only 7 years that add to 22: 1939, 48, 57, 66, 75, 84, and 93) and the month and day of birth combined total is 11. And finally, when the birth day is 22 and the month and year of birth total is 11.The Master Number 11 represents vision, and the number 22 combines vision with action, and then the Master Number 33 brings guidance to the world."

Here are some actual birth date examples:
Someone born on 3/26/1957. The first Master Number 11 would come from the month and day, 3+2+6=11 and the second Master Number 22 for the Year 1957=1+9+5+7=The Master Number 22. So you have the 11+22, and when added together it equals the Master Number 33. Another example would be if you were born on the 22 and when your month and year were added together, and then reduced to the Master Number 11. So again 22+11=33 (I use Meryl Streep's birthdate as my example for this below.)

The only other way is if your month, day and year each breaks down to the Master 11. Ex: Someone born on 11/11/2009. As you can see the month is 11, the day is 11 and the year 2009 = 2+0+0+9=11. So the month (11) plus the day (11)= 22. The year 2009 = 11. So 22+11=33. In order to be a Master Number 33, you have to have those two Master Numbers in your birth date, and that is very uncommon. If you do not have the two Master Numbers 11 and 22, but your birthday still reduces to the 33/6, then you should concentrate on the 6 Vibration energy, and be aware of double three energy, which promotes strong communication skills.

Meryl Streep is an example of a Master Number 33. She was born 6/22/1949. So as you can see she was born on a 22 day. Then you take her month (6) and year (1949), and add them together 6+1+9+4+9=29= 2+9=11. 22+11=33. One of the traits of the Master Number 33 is their absolute commitment to giving excellence in all areas of their life.

Meryl Streep has been acting since the early 70s and is still able to reinvent herself in each new role she gets. She also looks fantastic, and I think that is because she knows when to embrace her Master Number 33, and when she can just relax and embrace the traits of the 6 Life Path, by being a hands on mother and loving wife. You know the saying, "If you do what you are meant to do in this lifetime, it will feel like you never had to work a day in your life." I get the feeling this really applies to Meryl Streep.

Here is some of her bio which makes it quite apparent that she has embraced her Master Number 33 throughout her career:
With 18 Academy Award nominations in 35 years, Streep holds the record as being the most nominated actor (male or female) in film history. Streep has also received 28 Golden Globe nominations, winning eight, more nominations and more competitive (non-honorary) wins than any other actress or actor. Her work has also earned her two Emmy Awards, two Screen Actors Guild Awards, a Cannes Film Festival award, five New York Film Critics Circle Awards, two BAFTA awards, two Australian Film Institute awards, five Grammy Award nominations, and a Tony Award nomination, among several others.

She was awarded the AFI Life Achievement Award in 2004 and the Kennedy Center Honors in 2011 for her contribution to American culture through performing arts, the youngest actor in each award's history. As far as the Master Number 33 being a "Master Communicator and Teacher," Julia Roberts said that when she worked with Meryl on the movie August: Osage County, Meryl would invite the cast over to her home so they could run lines over and over again. And, because of Meryl's consistent hard work and dedication, not only did Meryl get nominated for an Oscar, but so did Julia.

Also, if you'll notice, whenever Meryl wins an award, she is extremely gracious. She is also the first to say, if you work hard, there is nothing you cannot achieve. In other words, she feels called to empower others, just like a Master Number 33 would do, when living on the positive side of the Numbers.

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The Number Patterns 333 and 11 11: What do they mean?

The Power of 333

The 3 is a magical Vibration, and it does inspire people. I have a double 3 in my Birth date Numbers and have always used the power of 3 in all facets of my life. On Dec. 31st, when the clock struck midnight and became 2019, I looked out the window of my hotel room and saw that the address across the street was 333. Then, when I looked at the clock it was 12:12 am. The next time I looked at another clock it was 1:11 am and I had to laugh!! It was as if the Number 3 was showing off and letting me know it was finally here!!

I was at a salon telling my hairdresser all about the 3 Vibration and when I looked at the clock it was 3:33 pm. I’m well aware of what the 3 Vibration and 333 mean in Numerology, but I came across another interpretation about 333 that I feel resonates as well. It basically said that when you see the Number pattern 333 repeatedly, you have the gift of insight and intuition. You are creative, and a spiritual person who is called to help others find their way. That all makes perfect sense.

Now If you have been seeing the Number combination 333 since the new Year began, or if you have another Number combination that has been following you, I would love to hear your story. When numbers follow you around, it is no accident- There is always a message in them for you and it is nice to know what it is!

What is 11:11 in Numerology?:

My favorite example of the recurring numbers is when people see 11:11 on the clock. When you see 11:11, what it means is that the universe has opened up to receive whatever it is that you want. I once read that the universe has one answer and that answer is “YES.” So if you say, “I can do it. I can achieve the dream,” the answer is, “Yes. You can do it. You can achieve the dream.” But if you say, “I can’t do it, it will never happen,” then the answer is, “YES, you CAN’T do it and it will never happen.”

In the moment of 11:11, the universe is open to whatever it is that you want, so I literally will spend the whole minute saying things like, “I have financial security in my life. I can afford to buy the new home that I want. I bless the relationship that I’m in, and I affirm that it can only get better.” You can say whatever it is that you want for that full minute, and it will have an impact on your life. I have many people write me and tell me what a difference it has made for them.

One of my clients wrote me a while back and told me that her husband had left her. She had become too focused on her career, and when it came to intimacy, she was just too tired and did not even want to make love. So she took advantage of 11:11. She spent every day saying, “My husband realizes that it is worth trying again. He comes back and gives us a second chance. When we are together, we do engage each other, and I am aware of his needs, and he is aware of mine.” She did this for several weeks, and he finally called and said, “I do want to meet for dinner and talk.”

Sure enough, they were able to get back on track, and almost three years have passed since I last heard from her. I remember how happy she was, crying and laughing at the same time, saying that she could not believe how well the mantra worked. I believe that the magic of 11:11 worked, and also that whatever we really want will occur if we keep our focus.

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the power of the number 8:

I recently did a show with George Noory on Coast to Coast am where we discussed the financial power behind the #8. Here is my brief explanation on how it works.

The number 8 encourages financial security. I have had many clients put an 8 in their wallet, and just leave it in there. Next thing you know, they get a check out of the blue that they were not expecting, or they get a surprise promotion.

The bottom line is that for many people, it does increase the prosperity in their lives. I suggest you print out or write the number 8 on a piece of paper, put it in your wallet, and forget about it. You might want to put an 8 up on the wall where you pay your bills.

You are simply letting the universe know that you are ready for more financial prosperity in your life.I have had hundreds of emails from people telling me their stories of financial success by doing this.If you want to speed up the process, I suggest you start saying the following affirmation that was written by Louise L. Hay in her wonderful book You Can Heal Your Life: "I pay my bills with ease, and I always have extra money".

Repeat these words no less than 15 minutes a day, AND YOU WILL GET RESULTS

Here are some emails that I have received from people who started to use the power of the 8 in their day to day lives. Read on...

I heard you talking about the number 8 again last night on the show and some of the story's being told of how well it has worked for some folks, so I thought what the heck I would try it, I wrote down two number 8s on paper and put one in my wallet and unknown to my wife I put the other number 8 in her briefcase and didn't say anything to her about it. Knowing that she had her annual Job interview with the Company she works for as a Manager of a Telecommunications Networking System.

Tonight when she arrived home after work there was Big smile on her face, I asked how her day went, she said it went Great. I don't know if there was anything to that number 8 I put in her briefcase, but my wife came home from work tonight with a $7,000 a year increase in pay with another increase after 6 Months, but it doesn't stop there, as she was also given a $5,000 Bonus check from the Company as well. Now this number 8 thing really does have me wondering,
P.S. my wife still doesn't know she is carrying around a number 8 with her, I don't think I will tell her yet, but wait and see what other good things might happen.

STORY #2 Hi,
I heard the tail end of what you were saying on Coast to Coast am and I put the number 8 in my wallet, my change wallet in my lotto bet ticket holder jacket. I did not even know what putting the number 8 in my wallet was all about. Five days later, (last night) I won the top prize in The New York State Take 5 Lottery game. I won $9,916. I could not believe it!
I didn't even understand what this was all about and I won. Unreal.


I was working with my brother in law but I decided I needed a career with bennies. I had an interview for the City of Los Angeles for the position of Security Officer for the Dept. of Water and Power. Well guess what? I printed the number 8 on my computer, I placed it in my tag that's on my lanier, I got a call from personnel this afternoon and I got the job! There were more than 1,000 applicants citywide and I was one of 33 people chosen!! Thank you so much for sharing this knowledge with all of us.

As you can see, you have nothing to lose when giving this a shot in your life. Please promise me one thing though: if something wonderful happens to you regarding finances, email me your story. No matter how big or small it may be, I am always interested in hearing about it! Also, if you find it does work, pick up my book Glynis Has Your Number( Jan.2005 Edition), and learn about ALL THE OTHER SIGNIFICANT NUMBERS IN YOUR LIFE.

Good Luck to you!
Glynis McCants

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