Numerology Expert in Los Angeles, CA Frequently asked questions

I don't remember the password that I used for your website- How do I retrieve it?

Just go back to the order page as if you are placing a new order. Click on any item and hit "check out"; it will then say " Past Customers, click here to log in ". Click on that, then type in your email, and the password you think it is – if it is incorrect, you will automatically be emailed your correct password.

I didn't get my reading or calendar via email, and the "allow 3-5 days" has passed. How can I locate it online?

Please check your spam or junk mail folder to see if your reading or Calendar was filtered by your email system.

You can access your Reading or Calendar right now by clicking on the link below:

Simply enter your email address and the password you used when you placed your order, this will bring you to your reading or calendar online.

How does the Numerology Calendar work?

There are nine different Numerology calendars and your full date of birth determines which Numerology Calendar you will receive. Your Calendar will make it possible for you to know when to make a move, or proceed with caution. Each day is marked with a Special Symbol that lets you know THE VERY BEST days to schedule the most important events in your life. The Numerology Calendar will help you to successfully navigate throughout the year!

I have been checking various sites on the internet about Numerology, and there just seems to be many different ways to do it. How do you know when you are doing Numerology correctly?

You are asking a question that explains the reason I wrote my first book Glynis Has Your Number years ago. I did study Numerology, and spent thirteen years researching it, doing readings, and reaching unique conclusions that I thought would be helpful to people. One day I decided I wanted to lay out exactly how I apply Numerology to my day to day life, and make it a little less complicated.

The books Glynis Has Your Number and Love by the Numbers were written in such a way that makes it possible for you to learn how to do a Numerology reading just as quickly as you break down your first Numerology Blueprint. Once you have all the Numbers, you can read the detailed explanation of what each Number means- The books are very informative and so much fun to read! People often ask me which book they should read first, but actually each one is a stand-alone book. I have found time and again that once they finish reading one book,they automatically want to read the other! :)

Is it possible to get a live Numerology session with Glynis McCants?

Yes, Glynis does do live Numerology readings over the phone when her schedule allows. It is an in depth reading and is for 40 minutes- she does record the session so you can refer back to it. Glynis has two other types of readings as well, so if you are interested in knowing more, please email us at and ask for the list of the readings that she offers, or give us a call toll free at 1877-686-2373.

Can I book Glynis McCants for a private party?

Yes, you can hire Glynis to come to your party to do a live demonstration of how Numerology works and how you can apply it to your life. While teaching, she will do spontaneous readings with your guests in the audience and one on one readings afterwards. To get all the details, please email us at

Does Glynis do corporate counseling?

Through the years, Glynis has been hired by many companies (large and small) to counsel employees in various departments that do not get along, but must work closely together. By explaining their differences through Numerology, she is able to give them an understanding that they never had before. Not only does this resolve conflict in the office, but it helps the company to become more efficient and successful. To get all the details, please email us at

Does Glynis ever teach Numerology?

Yes, Glynis does teach Numerology, and announces when she has an upcoming event in her Glynis Has Your Number Newsletter. She will let you know exactly when you can come to one of her live Numerology Workshops, or take an online Numerology teleseminar with her- So be sure to sign up for her Free Newsletter to get upcoming event dates, if you have not done so already.

I purchased your book and want to know How to interpret the "Y" rule for my name?

The Y Rule is quite simple- if the "Y" is next to a consonant, it is considered a vowel. If a vowel is next to the "Y" it is considered a consonant.

Example: "Joyce": the "Y" in Joyce is next to the vowel "O", so the "Y" in Joyce is considered a consonant.

The name "Lily": the "Y" in Lily is next to the consonant "L", so the "Y" in Lily is considered a vowel.

This question is thoroughly covered in both of her books. In the book Glynis Has Your Number the 'Y" rule is covered on pages 11 and 171 and in Love by the Numbers, it is covered on page 13.

How do I know which name to use for my Reading when I fill out your order form to get an Individual reading about myself?

To get the three Name Numbers of your Numerology Blueprint, use the first and last name that you go by today, since those are the three Vibrations people will experience when they meet you.

EX: If your full birth certificate name is "Jonathan Michael Smith", and you introduce yourself as John Smith, then John Smith is the name that you would want to use for your Reading .

You also need to input your full Birth Certificate Name so you will get your Destiny Number . The Destiny Number comes from the full Birth Certificate name, and that Number can never be changed. However, you can always alter the first and last name you go by to experience different Vibrations. That is why when a person wants to change their name, I suggest that they take a look at the three Vibrations that are in the name they go by right now and the name they want to change it to. When they see what the new Vibrations will be, they can decide which one is best for them.

Ex. Barbra Streisand originally spelled her first name the more common way which is "Barbara". A Numerologist suggested she alter the spelling of her first name by removing an "A" to bring her more success. Well we certainly know how well that name change worked out for her!

I really want to know if my partner and I should be together- Do you offer anything like that on your website?

Yes, we do. There is a reading called "Are We Soulmates?" It is a six to seven page Numerology report and it gives you the six Numbers that make up the Numerology blueprints of who you are- This report also gives you your Destiny Numbers, and will let you know where you are the same and where you are different.

Note: If you decide you want to have a more in depth discussion about your relationship, we do suggest you book a live session with Numerologist Glynis McCants, and email us at to get the list of all of the readings she offers.

Should I change name when I marry- will it affect my numbers?

This is a very important question. If you are in a relationship right now and your Numerology Chart Comparison shows that you are very compatible, you would not want to alter that special connection.

If you were to take on your partner's surname, it may give you some Challenge numbers in your Numerology Chart Comparison that you didn't have before, and that may cause problems in your marriage.

Often times when a man gets divorced he will say "When I married her, she totally changed". I am convinced he is referring to change in her name Vibrations. And that is definitely why you want to run your Numerology chart Comparison both ways to see which one is better for you as a couple.

To find out my Destiny Number, Which name do I use if I legally changed it, or go by a different name than I was given?

When it comes to getting your Destiny Number, you would use your full Birth Certificate Name. Any other name given thereafter, or legally changed, is only secondary and will not give you your true Destiny Number.

I was adopted and there was no name on my birth certificate, it just said "Baby Boy" or "Baby Girl".

Actually, that is still considered the very first name you were given when you were born. Whatever they wrote down for you, even if they just put "Baby Girl" or "Baby Boy", that name energy will give you your Destiny Number.

Keep in mind that the name you go by today, first and last, are the current Vibrations you are putting out there, and what others first experience when they meet you. However, your Destiny Number will only come from what was originally written down on your birth certificate, and will always be a part of you as well.

My parents misspelled my birth certificate name, so do I use the correct spelling or what they put originally?

Whatever was on the original birth certificate is what will give you the correct Destiny Number. If the name was misspelled on the birth certificate, you should breakdown the misspelled version to get your correct Destiny Number.

What is the difference between "Number," "Vibration", and "Energy" in Numerology?

The words "Number", "Vibration", and "Energy" are interchangeable in Numerology. So, when you speak about a certain Number, Ex. "Number 3", you can also say "3 Energy" or "3 Vibration", and it means the same thing.


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