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Healing Affirmations To Overcome Grief
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***NEW CD SET***

As we all know, so many lives have been lost in this past year.There has been so much grief out there and when I counsel my clients, there is only so much that I can say to comfort them.

When my husband Charlie and I lost his mother Billie in December, we were both inconsolable. Christmas was her favorite time of year, so losing her right before , felt even worse.

Her passing was so unexpected, and to get through the pain, it inspired me to create some healing affirmations. Charlie and I started doing the Affirmations daily and it really helped so much.

With that in mind, it lead me to create a new CD set called Healing Affirmations to Overcome Grief.

In the Cd set, I do give some insights on how to work through your grief and also share some powerful stories on how you can spot the signs when someone who has crossed over is trying to communicate with you. The ways that Charlie’s mother has reached out to us has been remarkable and I tell you all about it.

What I do cover in the Healing Affirmations to Overcome Grief Cd set:

These healing affirmations were specifically created to help you let yourself go and grieve deeply- so that you can release your pain and start to feel better. I created an Affirmation to assist you in being kind and patient with yourself while you go through this grieving process.

Unfortunately, we all have people in our lives who think they can tell us when we need to get over our sorrow and move on. This CD set gives you the time and space you need to really sit down and work through this incredibly difficult time in your life.

There is another Affirmation that helps you remember your happy memories that you had with the person who has crossed over. Another Affirmation helps you to attract people who are very loving and kind towards you, so you do not feel so alone.

If you have lost someone that you loved very much, this CD set will bring you the peace of mind that you do not have right now. If you have someone in your life that you know is in deep mourning, this CD set can help them right now.

There are seven different Affirmations. I repeat each Affirmation for 15 minutes and you are to repeat them with me to begin your healing process. Let's get started...


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