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Healing Affirmations To Overcome Grief
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***NEW CD SET***

When the pandemic hit, many of my clients had lost at least one person in their life. I did everything I could to comfort them through my Numerology Counseling, but the pain they were in was palpable, and it was going to take some time for them to heal.

Then when my husband Charlie and I lost his mother in December 2020, right before Christmas, we were inconsolable.

I created some affirmations to help us work through our grief, and they really helped us.That is what inspired me to create this new Affirmation Cd Set called Healing Affirmations to Overcome Grief.

We have been doing these affirmations daily since his mother passed away, and now have a feeling of true peace inside us. It feels as though she is still with us, but in a new and profound way.

With this Cd set, you should commit to repeating one of the Overcoming Grief Affirmations out loud for no less than 15 minutes each day. There are seven different Affirmations to choose from.

I also did a special track on this Cd that gives you some helpful ways to identify the signs from your loved ones that have crossed over, and are trying to communicate with you.

If you make a commitment to do one of these Affirmations daily,YOU will start to feel a lot better, and gain some peace of mind that you do not have right now. Here's to you healing the pain of loss in your life and once again feeling connected and hopeful.

If you or someone you love are suffering right now, this CD set was created for you. <3


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