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Online Numerology Workshop
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Glynis will thoroughly cover all that she sees for this New Year 2022 during her annual Online Numerology Workshop called " How to Get The Most Out of The New Year 2022 By the Numbers!"

Each year we all enter a different Personal Year Cycle and it has a major influence on your whole year. Glynis will dig deep into all nine cycles, so YOU will be clear on what to focus on in your own life. She will recap what she said would happen in 2021 and did, and then share all that she sees taking place in this New Year 2022. Glynis will give certain months and dates that YOU will want to pay close attention to be prepared for what happens!

***This Online Numerology Event will take place on Saturday Jan.29th from 1pm-3pm PST/4pm- 6pm EST.***
It will be on Zoom, so you can either tune in using your computer or phone.

**You will be able to submit questions for this Online Numerology Workshop and Glynis will answer some of them throughout the event.**

Special Note: Put " WS10 " as the promocode to get $10 off the ticket price!

Feedback from people who have taken the Online Numerology New Year's Workshop:

Glynis, I just finished taking your Online Numerology Workshop today and now feel so excited about this New Year! I cannot thank you enough for sharing your gift, your research, and your interpretation of it all.
Happy New Year!
Katrina L.

Hi Glynis,

My friend Peggy bought me a ticket to your Online New Year Workshop and I was actually concerned I would not be able to follow along because I know nothing about Numerology. However, you made it very easy, and I can't wait to learn more. FYI,you actually read my friend Peggy in the workshop and I could not stop laughing at how accurately you described her. You really impressed me. I will be sure to take your next workshop as I now want to learn more.
Keep up the great work,
Ken W.

Hi Glynis,
I wanted to wish you a Happy New Year and find out if you are offering the New Year's Workshop this year online? I have attended for the last five years and I'm now addicted!:) I also want to get the free PDF calendar which I do not make a move without! So please let someone from your team notify me, and if so, I will sign up asap.
Take good care!
Christy E.


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