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Online Numerology Workshop
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Numerologist Glynis McCants presents her Annual Online Numerology Workshop:

“How to Get the Most Out Of The New Year 2019 Through The Power of Numbers!!”

This Online Numerology Workshop is on Sunday, January 27th from 1-3PM PST/ 4-6PM EST. Since this is an online event, as long as you have a phone line or a computer, you can attend no matter where you are!

Glynis will give us a brief recap of what she said would happen in 2018 and did! She will then fill us in on what we can expect for the New Year 2019!

This New Year 2019 is particularly special, and Glynis will explain WHY that is by the numbers! Each year we all go into a new Personal Year Cycle, and she will give a very detailed explanation of the cycle that YOU are now heading into!

Attendees will be able to submit questions for the Online Numerology Workshop and Glynis will answer many of them throughout the event. A Special Numerology worksheet will be provided, so you can easily follow along.

Glynis will also tell you important dates and months to pay close attention to in the New Year 2019-There are some months in this New Year that are auspicious for certain Life Path Numbers and she will tell you all about it!

*** This Workshop will be audio taped and you will receive a Free MP3 download to refer back to what was said.***

Numerologist Glynis McCants will be giving YOU the tools needed to hit the ground running in 2019!


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