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Online Numerology Workshop
Catalog No. OnlineNumbersWorkshop

Available: Jun. 30

Take Charge of 2018 Through the Power of Numerology!The MP3 Download of the Workshop and the Numerology Worksheet is available!

The MP3 download of “Take Charge of 2018 Through Numerology” has Glynis giving a thorough recap of what happened this past year, and reviews some of the things she said would happen, that did.

Glynis thoroughly covers each Personal Year Cycle, so you know EXACTLY what cycle you're in- and how to use it to your advantage! She also explains what the influence the World Number 11/2 will be playing in this year, and how it impacts YOU.

During the workshop, she answered some fascinating Numerology questions from participants that will be helpful to you as well. Master Numbers and interesting Number patterns for 2018 are also explored. This Workshop was action packed,and a copy of the Numerology worksheet that was used in class is also included!


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