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Online Numerology Workshop
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SATURDAY, JANUARY 27TH, 1-3pm Pacific/4-6pm EST.

Glynis will thoroughly cover all that she sees for this New Year 2024 during this annual Online Numerology Workshop.

She will recap what she said would happen in 2023 AND DID! Glynis will then share all that she sees taking place in this New Year 2024.

Each year we enter new Personal Year Cycles and it has a major influence on the whole year. Glynis will thoroughly cover all nine cycles, so it will be clear on what YOU should focus on in your life this year to get the best results!

Note: If your Personal Year Cycle is a Challenge to your Life Path Number, or The World Number, I'll give you advice on how to deal with this type of difficulty to make sure you still get positive results throughout this New Year 2024!

Glynis will provide certain months and dates that YOU will want to pay close attention to-then you will be prepared for what happens!

**Attendees are able to submit questions for this Online Numerology Workshop and Glynis will answer some of them throughout the event.**

SPECIAL NOTE: A Numerology Worksheet will be provided for you to follow along, and the workshop will be recorded so you can refer back to everything that was covered. This means if you cannot attend the actual day, you can still take the class, and get the Early Bird Special!

Below is some feedback from people who attended this Online Numerology Workshop in the past:

Hi Glynis,

I just finished taking the workshop and I have to say you never cease to amaze me. Not only are you spot on, but you literally made everyone in the event feel better about life. I have taken many workshops with you, and I'm looking forward to the next one. I hope you do an in person workshop this year because it is such a pleasure seeing you work your magic in person! You are doing such great work and please keep it up. This crazy world needs more teachers like you.
Elisabeth G.

Hi Glynis, it's Marcus.
Thank you for the workshop today. I found it enlightening. You do Numerology a little differently than what I have been taught in the past. There is no question you are accurate and I'm looking forward to applying everything I just learned from you to this new year 2022.
Wishing you and your family all good things,
Marcus W.


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