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Online Numerology Roundtable
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Join Numerologist Glynis McCants’ Online Numerology Round table on April 27th from 1PM-4PM PST/4PM-7PM EST.

This Numerology Round table will be Online, so you can participate no matter where you are located, and tune in through your computer, or your phone.

Glynis will be sharing Numerology insights on what she sees coming up later this year that she has NEVER discussed before, so YOU will get a Heads Up on what to expect!!

You will be able to get a very detailed answer from Glynis to your burning Numerology question-It can be about Love, Business, health or whatever else is on your mind! A special Numerology Worksheet will be provided, so attendees can follow along and learn how Glynis interprets each question by the Numbers!!!

An audio copy of this Numerology Round Table will be emailed to you after the session, so you can refer back to what was said.Note:
If you want to keep your question private, let us know, and Glynis will send you an audio response to your question and have it emailed to you afterwards.

This ensures that no matter what, YOU are guaranteed a response to your one question from Glynis! :)

Below are some of the testimonials from people who received Numerology answers from Glynis in previous Numerology round tables:

Hi There,

Wanted to check in to let you know the baby name that Glynis helped us pick in one of your round tables has been mind blowing to witness in our baby boy Evan. When Glynis described the personality that our baby would have, we had to just wait and see. Now that Evan is 3 years old, his name Numbers have to come to life just like she said they would!! You also made sure the numbers would be compatible to me and my husband Dan, and we are such a happy family. What a gift you have Ms. Glynis! I am referring my friends to you all the time, especially the ones that are expecting.
Deanna M.


THANK YOU for helping me decide which state and city to move to. I now feel a lot better about retiring, and cannot wait for my next adventure by moving to a perfect new location for me! I had no idea where to move until I attended your Round Table and was able to speak to you about it.
Keep up the great work!
Susan S.

Hi Glynis,
I did go with the company name you helped me pick, and guess what?? From the minute we opened, we have had steady sales. I sure do appreciate your help with picking the best business name. Please let me know when you are having another Numerology round table because I now want to ask you about my new lady friend and find out what the Numbers say.
Wishing you the best,
Steve G.

We will "See" you there! :)<3

* Since you are guaranteed an answer to the Numerology question you will be submitting to this exclusive Roundtable, tickets are nonrefundable


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