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Numerology Workshop
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Numerologist Glynis McCants Presents:

An all-day Numerology Workshop in an intimate setting where Glynis will share her Numerology Secrets with YOU.
You’ll learn how to apply Numerology to all facets of your life!

When: Saturday, June 15th 11AM-5PM
Where: The Amarano Hotel
322 N. Pass Ave
Burbank Ca,
*Complimentary Lunch is Included*

Although she does Numerology Round tables on occasion, this workshop is different, because she will be teaching YOU how to do Numerology the precise way that she does! With over 27 years experience and having done more than 30,000 readings, the information you will get from her will be Priceless!

This Year 2019 has been quite chaotic and many people are feeling scattered and unable to focus. Glynis will thoroughly explain why that is, and give some tools to help you get back on track. Glynis will also give a sneak peak into what she sees coming up in 2020!

Glynis gets phone calls/emails every day from people asking various questions such as:

I have been doing Numerology charts, but find I am not as accurate as you are. How do you interpret the Numerology Blueprint and all the other numbers to get down to who a person really is?

How do you really know if a relationship should continue, or if it is time to end it?

What career is best for me to use all of my passion and truly be happy?!

There are certain Numbers that I see ALL THE TIME wherever I go, and it is starting to creep me out. What does it mean?

I am about to get married, and want to know if taking his last name is a good idea, or will it hurt our relationship?

Glynis will answer these questions, and whatever else is on YOUR mind.

She has been doing Numerology for over 27 yrs, and in the past few years has noticed a steady increase of misinformation on the Internet explaining Numerology. She will clear up some of the major misconceptions, so that you can be a better interpreter of your Numbers and the people in your life!

Glynis will teach how she uses the Pinnacle, Personal Year, and Personal Month Cycles in an individual’s chart to help understand what is actually going on in their life at any given moment! These cycles are imperative, when accurately reading yourself or someone in your life.

Glynis will do live Numerology readings throughout the workshop with class members to demonstrate how spot on she is, and how you can be too! If you want to have one of these readings in class, be sure to raise your hand up quickly so she sees you first! :)
*** EARLY BIRD SPECIAL: If you sign up by June 1st, you will get $30.00 off the ticket price, so take advantage!***

This is to ensure that this Numerology Workshop is very interactive and YOU will be able to ask your questions.***

One More Thing: There will be a raffle at the event, and one of you will win a live 45 minute Numerology session with Glynis! ($325 value). The session will be recorded for you so you can refer back to what was said! :)

We will see you there!


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