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Numerology Calendar - PDF Version
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This is the Beautiful Color PDF Version of the 2024 Numerology Calendar. There is a Special Symbol for each day to let you know when it is wise to make a move and when to proceed with caution. Page 1 of the Numerology Calendar tells you exactly how it works, and Glynis has kept it simple, so you can use it to your advantage. She also gives insights on what the energy of each month brings, so you can prepare for it! Healing affirmations are provided when the month's energy is a Challenge to YOU in Numerology. The full birth-date of a person determines which Calendar they will receive.

*This Numerology Calendar is a “Must Have” to help you navigate through the year 2024!*

Some feedback from people who have used the Glynis Has Your Number Life Path Numerology Calendar: 

Good Morning!

I ordered the Life Path calendar several months ago. I have been planning according to my purchased calendar and some of the days I am just baffled because I was forewarned and you were RIGHT! My “cautious day’s” have been pretty right on, and I have learned to be very careful on those days. With the same respect I have been making sure to plan family and friend gatherings on my SC or S days as well, and they have been spot on!
Best Regards,

Hi Glynis,

I have to schedule knee surgery this year, and there is no way I am going to schedule it without your calendar. Years ago, I heard you on the radio and someone told you the date they had scheduled surgery, and you said it was a bad date from them. You told them to email your office to ensure they picked a good date instead. After that show, I started ordering your calendars, and I just love them! Using your symbols each day has not failed me, and now I am addicted! LOL
Take good care,

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