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Healing Your Life Through The Power of Affirmations!
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*NEW* Healing Your Life Through The Power of Affirmations!

This Special Mp3 Download was created by Numerologist Glynis McCants, and gives you six different Affirmations that have proven to be incredibly effective for her clients. The first two Affirmations are all about Manifesting Prosperity in your life. The next two Affirmations are on how to bring Healthy Lasting Love to YOU. The final two Affirmations focus on Healing Your Body. The key is to say these Affirmations out loud with Glynis to get results. Once you start using this Mp3 Download daily, you'll be on the road to transforming your life! Note: All the other affirmations offered here are in Cd format. This is the only Mp3 download that makes it very convenient for you to use these affirmations daily-no matter where you are!


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