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Love By The Numbers
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Love by the Numbers This book was written to help everyone have the best love relationship possible! If you are single, the book will help you find the perfect love right from the very start. If you are married, and your relationship has lost its spark, this book will give you the tools to reignite the love you once had. There are 25 exciting chapters in this book such as:
Chapter 2 teaches you exactly how to find your Numerology blueprint and uses Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward as the love example (It's a great love story). Chapter 15: How to love your partner's Life Path Number: And do it just the way they like it. Chapter 16: Is GREAT SEX in the Numbers? (Chapter 17: Picking the Perfect Wedding Date, Chapter 18: Should You Take His Name? Chapter 20: If Married and Toxic, Can you work it out? Chapter 21: Personal Year Cycles: This too, shall pass. Chapter 23: Affirmations to Attract Great Love. Chapter 25: The Fascinating Numerology of Power Couples. Each story will keep you enthralled! Welcome to the romantic world of Love by the Numbers.


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